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Credit Union Kids Club offers a great program to communicate with your youngest members at one low annual price. High-quality co-branded Website provides a youth program at turnkey prices.

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  • Areas That Can Be Customized During Setup (some customization options may incur additional setup fees):
    • We do all customizing of the site prior to launch, including integration of your credit union and youth account(optional) logos
    • The banner on all inside pages will have your youth program's name
    • The name of the website that appears in web browser title bars and throughout the website
    • Home Page: the banner at the top will include your credit union's logo and youth account logo. This area can be further customized if you want anything else in this space
    • Any of the template text on the home page and Money Words can be edited prior to launch. Some areas of the home page will automatically update every month
  • Areas of customization after launch:
    • You will have the ability to edit articles on the site as well as add articles
    • The text on the following pages can be edited:
      • Home Page introduction text inside the Money Matters green box
      • Club Details
      • Money Matters
      • Kids World
      • Parents area
    There is a photo library available if you add your own content so a graphic can accompany any articles you add to the site.

    You also have the ability to upload graphics of your own in the future to go along with articles.

    Areas that were customized during setup, like the graphic banners, colors, cannot be edited by the credit union. If those areas need changed in the future, we would provide a quote for the work at that time.
  • Links:
    During setup, we place any links you want on the site. After the site has launched, you are able to edit/delete/add links on the site.

    There are links to your credit union's website (under Credit Union Links) on the home page as well as the links page.
  • Time to completion:
    A full website preview will be available within 2 weeks after receiving your credit union's logo and any additional information you want included on the youth website.
  • Content Updates:
    Content is added to your site every month. The Activities page is updated once per quarter. After the articles are updated, you have the ability to edit them, if needed. When articles are updated, the list of current articles on the home page is updated as well.

    When content is updated, you will receive an email notification letting you know that new articles are on the site.
  • Website Analytics:
    You will receive a PDF on the first of every month with the previous month's website activities.

Discounts apply to Annual Program Fee only.  Discounts can be combined.
*Annual Fee does not include optional program enhancements (i.e., custom features not included in Standard Program).

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